Lesson Used in Biology Class

Biology teacher uses Lesson 2, Laetoli Footprints, in her class.

Black History Month Announcements Added 2020

Black History Hero’s and Heroines are explored each day of Black History Month.

Lesson 3C Preview: The Great Mali Empire

Learn about Mali culture.

Lesson 3D Preview: Early Presence of Africans in Asia

Examine the origin of man and his presence in Asia.

Lesson 3B Updated

Are the Africans who built the White House the Descendants of the Africans who built the Pyramids?

Lesson 7C Added

The Harlem Renaissance was the birth of an artistic and political movement. Influenced by the Great Migration, Word War I and racial tensions, Harlem became a focal point for change.

Lesson 7D Added

Learn about the Civil Rights Movement as we explore the people and events that helped to bring about one of the most important chapters in American history.